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Dream Access, We connect the World for making business.

Dream Access is Intermediary Company, Ecosystem for business, house building, food order, bus ticketing, realestate, delivery & E-commerce around the world.

Dream Access - ecommerce - ecosystem - barter - le troc - market business trade

The connection between customer and supplier in the areas defined by the company DreamAccess which are as follows: design, development, marketing, installation and maintenance of IT and digital products and solutions, online digital services, in particular in connection, trading, import, export, finance, electronic payment, investment, real estate, transport, accommodation, tourism, any activity related to the cited area whatsoever movable or immovable, tangible or intangible.

For more than 3 years we have felt the need to set up a digital service that brings together everyday needs in a single place that guarantees trust and protection between consumers and suppliers as well as professionals. Through DreamAccess, we want to set up an innovative platform that will further protect people who buy on the internet. We want to offer them technological solutions for establishing relationships with confidence and guarantees to protect consumers from fraudsters, many of whom are victims of their actions on the internet

On a personal basis and those of our entourage, we have a lot of solicitation of service requests to buy products in Europe especially when we go on trips to Africa, so we ask ourselves like any future entrepreneur, why not set up a platform on which people can now make purchases and benefit from the services rendered? Indeed, this is a question to which we have answered by setting up this platform for networking by the company of DreamAccess and its partners. The customers are therefore there to use DreamAccess' solution for linking up digital online services, the technology to do so is also there but we just lack the financial means that will accompany the implementation of this platform for them. digital online services.

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